Nurturing Wellness Cleanse - What Makes Our Cleanse Unique?

June 03, 2020

Nurturing Wellness Cleanse - What Makes Our Cleanse Unique?

Nurturing Winter Wellness Cleanse - What Makes Our Cleanse Unique?

Cleansing can often be associated with the warmer months of the year. However, the body can always benefit from a period of cleansing. No matter how wonderful our diet or lifestyle is, toxins can still build up in the body and cause a range of issues from lowering our immunity to gut issues, poor mental clarity, lack of energy and general ill health. Period cleanses throughout the year ensures you support your body and are able to function at optimal health and vitality. 

Cleansing during the cooler months simply requires a little extra know-how to ensure that the body is adequately nourished in relation to the seasonal changes.

At Jungle & Co, we have developed a cleanse that is ideally suited to the cooler months of the year. Created by nutritionist and Jungle & Co owner Vladia Cobrdova, our winter cleanse series focuses on healing the gut and boosting the immune system with a range of broths, soups and elixirs that are both cleansing and grounding. The summer series cleanse focuses primarily on slow pressed juices which are detoxifying and alkalising, but can tend to be overly cooling for the system once winter arrives. 

What’s included in the nurturing winter cleanse?

  • Organic Gut Healing Soup (v,gf) 
  • Bone Broth ( grass fed) or Plant Based Miso Broth (gf, vegan options available)
  • Recovery Charcoal Elixir (v, gf)
  • Anti Inflammatory Cold Press Juice (v, gf)
  • Kickstart Collagen drink (gf, vegan option available)
  • Carob & Maca Latte

What are the benefits of each drink?

  1. Kickstart Collagen Drink- Kick starts your digestion, alkalizes the body, heals the gut, boosts immunity.
  2. Carob and Maca Latte- Balances hormones, supports adrenals, perfect morning coffee substitute. 
  3. Bone Broth- Heals the gut, protects joints, increases bone strength, boosts immunity, anti ageing
  4. Cold Pressed Juice- Alkalizes the body, improves digestion, reduces inflammation, high in antioxidants
  5. Gut Healing Soup- Good source of fiber, high in vitamins and minerals, soothes the gut, perfect for warming, grounding and balancing the body and mind
  6. Recovery Charcoal Elixir- Detoxifying, alkalizing, alleviates gas and bloating, anti-ageing, removes heavy metals and toxins from the body

If you're looking for the perfect way to cleanse this winter, try our nurturing cleanse series. Enjoy a one day kick-start or choose the duration that suits you. 

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