Jungle Family

Although we opened our first healthy hub in 2018, the story of Jungle & Co begun many moons back. I have been in the health food industry for over 20 years, as a nutritionist, recipes and products developer, and ambassador for whole-foods retail chains. 
With my sister Sandra (on the left of the photo), we had a gut feeling! To start something fresh, simple, gut healing and honest that will feed us and makes us feel amazingly good. We saw a gap in the market where you either have a great juice bar or great salad bar... We wanted to combine both into one place where you can go and hang out, knowing you are looking after your body and mind. So we developed Australia's first ever gut health bar, Jungle & Co!
Our plant-based meals boosted with probiotics and prebiotics are paired with ethically sourced proteins, without anything artificial added & good dollop of fats, making them the best gut healing meals! Our gut and mind are closely linked: when we feed our gut the right way, we feel good, we smile and have the energy to realise our objectives of the day.
Another important aspect for us was to source local. Most of our products are from the region. We're also doing our best to reduce our waste, for example by giving you a discount if you bring your own container, or also by using coffee waste to make coffee scrubs...
Whether you are vegan, paleo, ketogenic or just enjoy eating healthy food, we are more than happy to welcome you in our Noosa & Melbourne hubs!
Vladia Cobrdova