• Enjoy your Healthy Meal !

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" We are not just a Coffee Shop... WE ARE A GUT HEALTH BAR ! "

In this Jungle,

It’s all about creating balance life-style with tasty food, health and love. Whether you are vegan, paleo, ketogenic or just enjoy eating healthy food, you need to pop in here! Knowing you are looking after your body and mind, the sisters Vladia and Sandra developed Australia's first gut health bar, JUNGLE & CO based on Noosa Junction.
We are offering plant-based meals made with fresh and local products on a sustainable way. We designed a large range of cold pressed juices, amazing and nutrient smoothies, and botanical elixirs which bring the best benefits to your body.


We love nature and all this little precious life around us. Based in this little paradise called Noosa, we feel passionate for our environment and its protection.

Thats why we make everything consciously and in a sustainable way. We want the best for you, for your body, your GUT and mental health, but also we want the best for our precious Planet.

Always trying to have the smaller impact, we work every day to reduce the waste, to prepare the quantity of food that we’re sure to sell. Another important aspect for us is to source local, the majority of our products are coming from the region. Most of our products are from the region and ethical.