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Do you wanna learn beautiful Plant-Based GUT Healing recipes ?
This cooking class is suited for everyone whether you are vegan, paleo or a conscious foodie just like us, you will enjoy 2 hours of fun, interactive and educative class 
with Jungle & Co owner, gut-health specialist and nutritionist Vladia Cobrdova. 🤍🤍🤍✨

To book tickets come directly in to our shop, book online or call 07 5415 1348.

You'd like to cook healthy & vegan meals to make family and friends happy, time for you to pop in the shop for this special Christmas Cooking Class. you're running out of inspiration? This class is made for you!

The class includes :

- A demonstration of a whole Vegan Meal

- Informations on GUT Health & Whole Foods to better understand how our diet is closely linked to our mind

- Best Tips to cook healthy & sustainably 

- The Plant Based dinner including all the plates we cooked together [ starter, meal, dessert ] 

- And a lot of surprise!


DATE: Coming soon