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Do you want to improve your gut health by creating a diet focused on whole foods that repair your gut?

Learn beautiful Plant-Based GUT Healing recipes with our educational and most of all fun cooking class.

This class is for everyone, whether you are vegan, paleo or a conscious foodie just like us, you will enjoy 2 hours of fun, interactive and educative class with Jungle & Co owners, gut-health specialist, nutritionist but most of all fun women Vladia and her sister Sandra🤍🤍🤍✨

Spring Wellness Cooking Class 


Noosa 7th of March 5.30pm-7.30pm

Brisbane Newstead 28th of March 4pm-6pm

The class includes :

- A demonstration of a whole Vegan Meal

- Informations on GUT Health & Whole Foods to better understand how our diet is closely linked to our mind

- Best Tips to cook healthy & sustainably and how to cleanse your body

- The Plant Based dinner including all the plates we cooked together (starter, meal, dessert)

- And Receive Bonus Pack of our Energising Cleanse!