Nourish Mum

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The First Forty Days are an essential and transitioning period of rest and recovery for the new mother.

At JUNGLE & CO we love honouring the new mom the best that we can by providing healing, comforting, and replenishing food.

For us, it's all about nourishment, support, and community. 

The Nourish Mum Postpartum Program includes comforting meals and soups, healing and energising juices, replenishing broths and tea nutritionally designed to support your physical recovery, boost your energy, and improve mood. If you’re breastfeeding, The Nourish Mum Postpartum Program also supports the supply and quality of your milk. We want you to experience your best motherhood—so all of our food is made with love and the highest quality ingredients driven by results. 

What's included:

  • Digestion Elixir (helps digestion, virus-fighting)
  • Collagen & mineral-rich bone broths
  • Nourishing soups 
  • Warming dahls (protein-rich, bioavailability of vitamins, easy to digest)
  • Maca & Carob Latte (supports adrenals)
  • Moon Juices (electrolytes, anti-inflammatory)
  • Nursing tea (supporting natural milk production)
  • Energy protein balls (prebiotic, vegan, gluten-free)



JUNGLE & CO supports a diverse and nutritional diet that is associated with good health but it is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please consult your healthcare provider as needed.