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Welcome to your personalised meal plan! 

Open a world of flavours with a whole new way to eat. We are strong believers that everything starts from your GUT. This meal plan utilises our flavourful and nutritious recipes developed by licensed nutritionists to improve gut health. With our prepared meals, available for delivery or pick up to the greater Sunshine Coast area, make breakfast, lunch and dinner a healthy and enjoyable experience!

Using seasonal produce from our local resources, your neighbours and your community. Our passion is to educate and show you how you can nourish yourself with clean whole foods, quality nutrition while living a balanced lifestyle.

Our meals are always changing depending on produce availability giving you variety, this means your meals are made with quality avoiding the nasty chemicals.


  • You tell us your food preferences or intolerances and we will create a nurturing meal plan for your everyday life!
  • All meals are made fresh in our Jungle created by nutritionists.
  • All meals are gluten-free and dairy-free.


Let us feed you weekly, selecting 5 or 10 meals with delivery to your door or pick up in the shop.