Seasonal Wellness Box


We have collaborated with Sunshine Coast Farm Foods, a local provider of farm-fresh seasonal fruit & vegetables, to bring you fresh and local veggies and fruits, a selection of staples and pre-prepared meals for you to cook at home.

We have designed the boxes to be nutritionally balanced to keep you and your gut healthy and thriving.

 The box includes:
- A selection of fresh and local vegetables and fruits
- 1 Green Plant based Soup - Big Bottle (1L) / 2 serves
- 2 hot GUT Health Meals
- 2 Botanicals Elixirs
- 2 Healthy Treats

Curated by the nutritionist Vladia Cobdrova, founder of JUNGLE & CO and author of the book "A Whole new Way to Eat"


Please inform us about any allergy or special request (vegan food, celiac...) we are more than happy to make our food accessible for everybody.