Seasonal Wellness Box (Sunshine Coast & Melbourne only)

NOTE: Delivery to Sunshine Coast & Melbourne Only

Curated by nutritionist Vladia, founder of JUNGLE & CO gut health bars in Noosa and Melbourne.

We have collaborated with Sunshine Coast Farm Foods, a local provider of farm-fresh seasonal fruit & vegetables, to bring you freshly picked delicious produce, a selection of staples and pre-prepared meals for you to cook at home. Every week the wellness box comes with an exclusive online video that has some ideas from Vladia on how to use your fresh produce to create healthy meals

Order with us by Wednesday afternoon to get free delivery on Friday morning. We offer contactless knock and drop delivery to keep you safe.

We have designed the boxes to be nutritionally balanced to keep you and your gut healthy and thriving.


The box includes:

- a selection of freshly picked seasonal produce
- Prepared meals & nutritious plant-based soups
- wholefood staples
- immune-boosting elixirs
- healthy snacks
- exclusive access to a short video from Vladia with ideas on how to create healthy meals from your wellness box